Vaping Litigation Settlement

We previously notified our retainer clients through E-Blasts and School Law Notes about the opportunity to join a nationwide lawsuit against Juul Labs, Inc., Altria, and other vaping product manufacturers. The lawsuit alleges that these entities fraudulently and intention­ally marketed their products to children.

A settlement is currently pending with Juul and Juul-related parties, including Juul executives. Although the settlement will resolve the litigation against Juul and Juul-related parties, litigation would continue against the remaining defendants, including Altria.

Schools that have not yet joined the litigation may still join. Those schools are not eligible for settlement funds from Juul and Juul-related parties, but they may be eligible for funds from any future settlement with the remaining defendants.

If your school has not yet joined the vaping litigation but is interested in doing so, please email your interest to attorney Piotr Matusiak at