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Thrun Law Office - East Lansing

Located just east of Michigan's capital, our East Lansing Office serves clients in this vicinity. 

  • Main Phone: 517.484.8000
  • Fax: 517.484.0041 Fax: 517.484.0081
  • Address: 2900 West Road Suite 400 East Lansing, MI 48823
  • U.S. Postal Address: P.O. Box 2575 East Lansing, MI 48826

Thrun Law Office - Novi

Located in Oakland county, Michigan our Novi Office serves clients in this vicinity.

  • Main Phone: 248.533.0741
  • Fax: 248.349.3237
  • Address & U.S. Postal Address: 39555 Orchard Hill Place Suite 430 Novi, MI 48375

Thrun Law Office - West Michigan

Our West Michigan office serves clients in the Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Holland area.

  • Main Phone: 616.588.7700
  • Fax: 616.588.7710
  • Address & U.S. Postal Address: 3260 Eagle Park Drive, NE Suite 121 Grand Rapids, MI 49525