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Thrun Law Policy Service

For over 75 years, Thrun Law Firm has set the standard for representing Michigan school districts and ISDs. Our clients have come to rely on Thrun’s legal expertise in every aspect of school law, including board policies. Thrun attorneys have extensive experience with reviewing, drafting, and modifying policies adopted by Michigan schools. After years of advising clients on countless policies that were inconsistent, confusing, or even in some cases not legally compliant, we knew a change was needed for Michigan schools.

Since 2020, we have offered the comprehensive Thrun Policy Service, created by Michigan attorneys specifically for Michigan schools. Thrun policies are designed to be legally compliant while still providing school officials with guidance and flexibility in a well-organized and user-friendly format.

Although not required for Policy Manual implementation, the related Student and Employee Handbooks, Administrative Guidelines, and Forms align with the Policy Manual and are available for Thrun Policy Subscribers to purchase.

Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Thrun policies are customizable to match the specific needs of each school district or ISD. The Policy Manual is accompanied by a Policy Manual Checklist, which provides an overview of every policy that requires action from the district before adoption.

To help guide districts through this customization process, Thrun attorneys hold virtual Policy Implementation Meetings throughout the year. For a full explanation of the options within the policies, and to ask attorneys policy-related questions, district representatives are highly encouraged to attend.

At no extra charge, our Title IX All Staff Awareness Training Video is also included with the Policy Manual, as well as the Title IX Policy and the Title IX Formal Complaint Form. Thrun Policy Subscribers who purchase the Administrative Guidelines and Forms receive 10 additional related Title IX forms, including: Documentation of Supportive Measures, Notice of Investigation, Notice of Additional Allegations, Mandatory Dismissal Letter, Permissive Dismissal Letter, Investigation Report Checklist, Determination of Responsibility Letter, Recordkeeping Protocol, Informal Resolution Notice Letter, and Declining to File Title IX Formal Complaint Letter.

Please contact Policy@ThrunLaw.com with any questions, or to schedule a meeting to discuss the benefits of the Thrun Policy Service.

Click here to download the Thrun Board Policies Terms and Conditions and Order Form.