June 20, 2022

With an increasing number of unemployment claims filed by unemployed or underemployed workers, school officials must be mindful of the statutory timelines and procedures when contesting claims.

Generally, unemployment benefits are provided to mitigate the impact from the sudden loss of...

June 13, 2022

Many school officials have reported a new challenge related to COVID-19: fewer vendors are submitting bids on requests for proposals (RFPs) for construction projects and materials, supplies, and equipment. Some vendors appear reluctant to take on school construction projects due to the limited...

June 6, 2022

School officials continue to navigate legal, political, and familial issues when responding to a transgender student’s request to use the student’s preferred name and pronouns at school and to access facilities consistent with the student’s gender identity. Although no Michigan or federal...


Thrun Law Firm's Lisa Swem will be presenting the topic of "Student Discipline, School Law Update" at this event.

August 2, 2022

Thrun Law Firm's Lisa Swem will be presenting the topic of "School Law Update" at this event.

August 4, 2022

We offer Policy Implementation Meetings to districts that have purchased the Policy Manual and school officials who are interested in learning more about our Policy Service. The meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. and are conducted virtually.

August 11, 2022