A Message from Team Thrun

It is a heavy time for Michigan public education. The COVID-19 pandemic and a strained political environment have made this school year beyond challenging. The recent tragedy in Oxford seems almost unbearable. Like you, our hearts ache for the Oxford victims and their families and for the entire Oxford community, including its teachers and staff, students, administrators, and board of education.

We know that the challenges of this year, now compounded by renewed school safety concerns, are taking an emotional toll. The stresses and pressures of being a school leader have never been greater. Yet your collective dedication to public education remains evident. Your students and families are fortunate for your leadership and grace under pressure. We, too, are grateful to count so many of you as colleagues and friends. Thank you for all you do, every day, to educate and care for Michigan students.

As the holiday season draws near, we wish you all peace, comfort, and rest.