Back to School Title IX Training

As you schedule professional development for the upcoming school year, do not forget about your school’s Title IX training obligations. Thrun Law Firm has received many inquiries about how frequently Title IX training should occur. The regulations do not specifically require annual training for those serving in key roles or annual awareness training. School officials, however, must ensure that all staff are trained – including employees hired after initial training has been completed.

Although the Biden administration has expressed an intent to modify current Title IX regulations, a new proposed rule will not be issued until May 2022, which means any changes will not be effective until well after the 2021-22 school year. Accordingly, school officials should ensure that all employees are properly trained on their Title IX obligations.

To assist our clients with meeting these obligations, Thrun Law Firm has developed three training programs for school employees serving in Title IX key roles, as well as an all staff Title IX awareness video. A detailed description of each training, including cost, time, and prerequisites,and order form can be found in the link below. Sign up today!