Thrun Law Firm Halloween Costumes Revealed

Thrun Law Halloween 2019

We hope that you had a safe (and dry!) Halloween.  As promised, here are the identities of the guys and ghouls in our Halloween collage – pictured left to right, front to back:

Alexis Yenshaw (Angel), Sandy Bashore (The EPA), Leaha Apsey (Escaped Convict), Phil Clark (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo), Vinh Tran (Vinhy the Pooh), Jennifer Starlin (Growing Jack-O-Lantern), Connie Bila (Pollyless Pirate), Gordon VanWieren (Sweaty Yeti), Carrie Watts(The Big Bad Wolf in Granny’s Nightgown), Roy Henley (Little Red Riding Hood), Vicki Williams (Barrel Racer Cowgirl), Brennan Ackerman (Horse Doctor with Limited Veterinary Knowledge), Chris Harty (The Dude), and Ray Davis (Full Moon Werewolf).