Seclusion and Restraint Awareness Training Module Available

As reported in the July 2017 edition of School Law Notes, local school districts, ISDs, and PSAs are required to implement a comprehensive seclusion and restraint training framework in accordance with Michigan Department of Education (MDE) guidelines that includes: (1) awareness training for all school personnel who have regular contact with students, and (2) comprehensive training for key identified personnel. The term “school personnel” is defined by law to include “all individuals employed in a public school or assigned to regularly and continuously work under contract or under agreement in a public school, or public school personnel providing service at a nonpublic school.”

Thrun Law Firm, in partnership with SET SEG, has developed a module to provide awareness training to school personnel who are likely to have regular contact with students. A link to the training module was disseminated to our retainer clients via email on August 7, 2017. MDE has approved the training module, which means that it may be played at in-person professional development sessions or it may be made available in an online format for staff to view on their own. Regardless of the delivery method, school officials should maintain documentation to show that all school personnel, including contractors, who have regular contact with students have received the awareness training.

If you have questions about the training module, please contact your Thrun Law Firm attorney.