Are Your School’s Collective Bargaining Agreements and Employee Contracts Current?

Have the collective bargaining agreements with your school’s labor unions been reviewed recently? Are they consistent with recent legal changes with respect to the school calendar, prohibited bargaining subjects, health insurance contribution limits, and the Affordable Care Act’s prerequisites for cash-in-lieu distributions? Teacher collective bargaining agree­ments are multi-million dollar agreements – generally 50-60% of school costs. Personnel costs are usually 80‑85% of a school’s budget. With this much money at stake, shouldn’t a le­gal review of the labor agreement be performed before bargaining begins on a successor agreement?

Additionally, administrator, supervisor, and other individual contracts may need an update to reflect the latest trends and avoid unintended liability.

If your school’s agreements and contracts have not been reviewed recently, it is strongly recommended they be thoroughly reviewed before the upcoming labor negotiation season. A legal review will show where your school can reduce costs, liability, and grievance disputes. Ask your school labor attorney to review the agreements so that your school can negotiate in confidence.