Teacher Evaluation Moodle Course

Thrun Law Firm, P.C. is excited to announce a new online Moodle training platform for school administrators to obtain up-to-date information on the teacher performance evaluation system required under Section 1249 of the Revised School Code. Thrun attorneys will conduct monthly one-hour long presentations on specific and timely evaluation topics to assist local and intermediate school districts (“districts”) to meet Section 1249’s legal requirements. A subscription to the Moodle course includes the following features:

  • Subscribing districts will obtain a passcode to access the course that may be shared with all administrators within your district responsible for teacher performance evaluations.
  • Administrators will have 24/7 access to the course materials and video presentations.
  • Presentations may be viewed an unlimited number of times.
  • Administrators may access the course materials from any computer.
  • Newly hired administrators can get “up to speed” on legal requirements in a fast and efficient manner without being away from the district.
  • The Moodle training platform offers the opportunity for more comprehensive and in-depth analysis than may be offered at professional conferences and trainings.
  • Materials are up-to-date and will be regularly updated.
  • Guidance goes “beyond” the statute to include practical practice pointers to facilitate compliance.
  • Topics include: IDPs, the Evaluation Process, Observations, Midyear Progress Reports, Student Growth, Tying Together Sections 1248 and 1249, Layoff and Recall, Wrapping Up Evaluations, Personnel Decisions, the Evaluation Tool, Posting and Training Requirements, and Evaluation Appeals.
  • Districts may use the course to facilitate administrative meetings and to develop procedures, guidelines, and templates to improve the district’s teacher performance evaluation system.
  • Administrators may log participation hours and work through MEIM to obtain SCECHs.
  • A subscription to provide unlimited access to training for all administrators in the district is valid until June 2017 and costs considerably less than sending administrators to off-site trainings or conferences.
  • Districts may be eligible to use professional development funding to bring this course to its administrators. (You are encouraged to review specific professional development funding requirements to determine eligibility.)

New requirements for teacher performance evaluation systems will become effective for the 2016-17 school year. The law requires districts to post detailed information and procedures about the performance evaluation system on the district’s website and to train teachers, observers, and evaluators on the district’s chosen evaluation tool. A teacher subject to layoff may challenge a layoff/recall decision if administrators fail to meet any of the numerous performance evaluation system requirements under Sections 1248 and 1249. To complicate matters, the Michigan Legislature has already amended Section 1249 five times in the last seven years. We are hopeful that this online Moodle training platform will provide ongoing and cost-effective training to our retainer clients in a complex and evolving area of law that is central to many administrators’ responsibilities.

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