Public School Academies

While public school academies operate as "public schools" in Michigan, they differ from traditional public schools in the manner in which they are established and governed. By virtue of a complex tapestry of education laws, Michigan's public school academies have unique legal needs and challenges. Thrun Law Firm has extensive experience in advising Michigan public school academies, including schools of excellence and strict discipline academies. We regularly assist the governing boards of public school academies in navigating the unique landscape of Michigan's charter school law. We also advise local school districts and ISDs on their responsibilities as authorizing bodies for public school academies. Coupled with Thrun Law's unparalleled focus on representing educational institutions, our charter school attorneys are uniquely positioned to address the legal needs of Michigan's public school academies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Board Governance
  • Charter Contracts
  • Establishment and Dissolution
  • Financing
  • Management Agreements
  • Labor and Employment
  • Real Estate
  • Student Matters
  • Special Education/Section 504