Policy Service

In response to client requests, we are proud to announce that Thrun Law Firm is developing a complete set of board policies and related documents that will be available in the near future. Specific details will follow.

With our deep bench of 27 attorneys, collectively having more than 500 years of highly-specialized experience in nearly every area of law affecting Michigan public schools, we are uniquely qualified to provide a product that is legally accurate, practical, and cost-effective. Thrun Law Firm has extensive experience reviewing, advising, and modifying board policies adopted by Michigan public schools. We have also drafted more than 20 policies in emerging or complex areas of law for widespread client distribution. Yet, with over 500 Michigan school districts on retainer, we have refrained from creating a “one-size-fits-all” set of board policies because it would overlook each district’s unique history, priorities, and current challenges, which often depend on geography, demographics, financial stability, and enrollment. We continue to believe that, to the extent not specifically addressed by law, board policy should not be dictated by a third party, but determined by the Board of Education who has been entrusted by the voters to set policy.1

While our position about discretionary board policies has not changed, we also have a longstanding tradition of responding to our clients’ needs. In the last several years, Thrun Law Firm has received many client requests to conduct a comprehensive review of board policies. We found that many policies are incomplete, overly burdensome, outdated, or, most concerning, not in compliance with state or federal law. Consequently, we are determined to improve board policies by drafting policies that comply with all legal standards while remaining clear and concise. Our policies will include those required by law, those recommended for the purpose of best practices and other options available for discretionary matters.

With our extensive experience and expertise in providing legal counsel to Michigan public school districts for nearly 80 years, we are confident that Thrun Law Firm is well suited to deliver board policies of quality and value. If your district is considering updated board policies, please send an email to policy@thrunlaw.com so that we may forward additional information as it becomes available in the near future.

1 A recent Michigan Supreme Court decision noted: “Schools are distinct in many ways.  What is more, what’s good policy for Ann Arbor and Clio might not be good policy for Cadillac and Escanaba. We see nothing absurd about letting each school district, through its elected representatives, determine its own policy.” Mich Gun Owners, Inc v Ann Arbor Pub Sch, 502 Mich 695 (2018).