Jennifer Johnston Named “Top 5 Under 35” Attorney in Ingham County

Jennifer Johnston 5-2013

The Ingham County Bar Association recently named Thrun Law Firm’s Jennifer Johnston as one of the “Top 5 Under 35” attorneys in Ingham County, recognizing Jennifer for her integrity, character, judg­ment, legal scholarship, service to the profession and the community, and her reputation for advancing the highest legal standards.  The Bar Association pre­sented Jennifer with this award at its 6th Annual Barristers night on March 19, 2015.

Jennifer has been an attorney at Thrun Law Firm since 2010.  During her relatively short career, Jennifer has successfully represented school district, municipal, and private clients in a wide variety of complex matters, including at administrative hearings, jury trials, and in appellate court proceedings.  Jennifer also regularly presents to school officials on such subjects as special education and disability rights; student issues, including student discipline; sex-based harassment; student records; the Open Meetings Act; and the Freedom of Information Act.

Despite her demanding professional obligations, Jennifer also carves out time for community service.  Every year she organizes Thrun Law Firm’s contribu­tions to the Ingham County Bar Association’s horn-of-plenty drive.  She is also instrumental in the Firm’s annual effort to send supplies, gifts, and holiday cheer to a military unit deployed for the holidays.  Most re­cently, Jennifer gathered clothes and toys for orphans in the Philippines, which she personally delivered during a 10-day volunteer trip to the orphanage.

Thrun Law Firm joins the Ingham County Bar Association in applauding Jennifer’s accomplishments. Congratulations Jennifer!