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Thrun Law Firm, P.C., provides a full range of legal services to the public sector. We also represent the vast majority of school districts in Michigan.

Our history of representing the majority of Michigan's school districts for over 50 years benefits our school clients through effective and efficient legal representation, comprehensive and knowledgeable legal analysis of issues facing school boards and administrators, and fair and cost-effective billing practices.

Founded by the Thrun family in the 1950's (see our firm history page), Thrun Law Firm has set the standard for legal representation of school districts and other municipalities in the State of Michigan. Because of this legal expertise and the number of school districts and other municipalities it represents, our attorneys generally have knowledge of, and prior experience in, addressing similar legal issues and problems that occur among several of our school district and other public sector clients.

About Thrun Law Firm

Thrun Law Firm, P.C. is Michigan’s premier public sector law firm, specializing in education and municipal law. In contrast to other law firms, public sector law is not just a “sideline” business or one of many practice areas for our firm. Instead, our attorneys focus almost exclusively on public sector law and representing the firm’s school district, public school academy, local government and other public sector clients across Michigan. We have a deep bench of experienced attorneys and other resources necessary to provide our public sector clients with quality and effective legal representation, and our concentration on public sector law results in substantial cost savings for our clients.

On July 19, 2016, the State School Reform/Redesign Officer (SRO) initiated meetings with school superintendents and board presidents who have underperforming buildings within their districts. Identified as “priority schools,” there are ap­proximately 184 underperforming school buildings targeted by the SRO.

The SRO requested that school officials meet by September 1 to discuss priority schools in their districts. In the meeting request, the SRO indicated that the following information would be provid­ed to each school district:

Below is a brief overview regarding the SRO, the recent appointment of a CEO in East Detroit Public Schools, and Public Act 192 of 2016.

Background on the State School Reform/Redesign Office

In 2010, the State School Reform/Redesign Office was created. At that time, the SRO reported directly to the State Board of Education.  The SRO’s primary objective is to turn around the lowest achieving 5% of priority schools and ensure that these schools follow effective reform/redesign plans to improve their performance.

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently issued a published decision explaining that “granting” a request for public records under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) is separate and distinct from “fulfilling” a request. Cramer v Village of Oakley, No. 330736 (Mich App, 2016).